Weight loss counselling is a space where you can unpack and make sense of your struggle with weight, food, eating and your body.

Many of our clients come to weight loss counselling because they want to understand and change their unhelpful patterns of thinking, behaviour and emotions connected to their weight and eating.

We want to understand how your relationship with food and eating makes you feel, what triggers your self-sabotaging behaviour, how your weight impacts your daily life, and the thoughts you have about your body and appearance.

Weight loss counselling can help you make positive changes to your eating habits and behaviours, help you develop greater emotional agility, and is a space where you can build self-esteem and confidence. as you develop a healthy relationship with food and your body.

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Weight loss, yo-yo dieting, weight gain and emotional eating are all stations on an emotional rollercoaster – once you get on it is very difficult to get off. This has a huge effect on our self-worth, body image and our health.

Have you been on every diet going? Have you lost weight, gained weight, felt full of self-loathing and doomed to a life of being overweight?

Do you feel ashamed about being fat, or being called obese? Are you feeling hopeless, frustrated and helpless in being able to lose weight? Do you feel like a failure?

Over time our self-belief becomes eroded and we focus on our lifetime of weight loss failures, leaving little space in our head to focus on what we can do to change our situation. If this sounds like your story, then weight loss counselling is for you.


Feeling fat and heavy, struggling to lose weight, a sense of deprivation when you diet, and poor self-worth are all psychological factors of obesity. For these people it is not easy to follow a calorie-restricted diet, with regular exercise, to lose weight

We have so many emotional, relational and behavioural associations to eating, which can make it feel impossible to lose weight. Our headspace, habits and emotional soothing are all connected to how and what we eat.

For some obesity and weight issues start in adult life, but for many, weight has been a struggle for most of their life.

We will help you unpack the associations, messages, decisions, patterns and beliefs that keep you trapped in a continuous struggle with your weight.

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Our weight loss counselling provides you with practical solutions, tips and skills to support you in changing your eating behavior.

Breaking habits, laying down new behavior pathways and updating your broken thinking are all areas we will work on together.

Developing a therapeutic relationship with your counsellor will create a safe and non-judgmental space for you to process your thoughts and feelings about food and eating.

We will monitor your eating using food diaries, and help you rebalance your eating so that you feel fuller for longer, and have greater levels of energy.

Here are some of the key areas weight loss counselling will focus on :

  • Strategies to get out of the diet trap

  • Space to be heard and understood

  • Learn how to separate emotions from eating

  • Mend your broken thinking

  • Find new ways to soothe your feelings

  • Learn how to break habits

  • Challenge negative inner self-talk

  • Build self-worth and self-confidence